Brisbane-based hat and fashion accessories designer Lisa Klekner has brought to life her ambitious attitude towards headwear as EVERYday wear. Her non-conventional methods and modern uptake on traditional millinery techniques offers a fresh approach to artistic fashion.

Born in Sydney and raised in the travelling, gypsy-like movements of a military family, Lisa developed an interest in art from an early age. Encouraged by her Hungarian grandmothers, both of whom were successful artists, her artistic passion and flair grew through dance, theatre and costume.

Fashion and design have been constant strengths for Lisa. Even when she followed a career in television commercial news, she always had an unwavering need for a creative outlet. This need led to the launch of Cherry On Top – Hats and Accessories in 2012. Starting as a hobby to express her creative nature, it also provided the opportunity to dabble in the world of fashion, something she had always desired to do. Since then, the unexpected success of the hobby has given Lisa the confidence to take on the venture as her life’s ambition. Cherry On Top has adorned the heads of well-known Brisbane identities, had a presence at major national and international racing events and parades and is now appearing on catwalks at prestigious Australian fashion festivals.

Embracing excellence in design and superior manufacturing quality, she works to deliver high-end one-off pieces. They’re individually hand crafted to be the focal point of an outfit, inspiring interest, appeal and confidence for its owner.



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